What About Sharing?


My last post and your responses shone a light on those things in our lives for which we are grateful.  Health, happiness, family, financial security, a home and a safe place to live all figured prominently.

Are we so greedy and mean-spirited as to not consider sharing any of this with people less fortunate than ourselves?

Next month we will be presented with a choice that is no choice between the policies of the two major political parties in this country on the treatment of asylum seekers .

Mr Abbott has been telling us for months that he is going to turn the boats around and now Mr Rudd has announced, and I quote: “If you come by boat, you will never permanently live in Australia”.  You can see the whole policy announcement here.

Even more worrying is the fact that almost two-thirds of Australians support this harsh approach.  I am bitterly disappointed that most of our current and would-be politicians have plumbed these callous attitudes in a merciless vote-buying exercise.



6 thoughts on “What About Sharing?

  1. Totally agree with you. I feel so sad that we can’t share our country with others who have nothing.

    For the first time ever I don ‘t want to vote for either of the major parties. A little compassion would go a long way for these people.

  2. I am a proud South Australian Aboriginal Elder. We must not forget ‘the boats’ came here 200 years ago on Invasion Day (not Australia Day) and systematically dispossessed my Ancestors of this Land. I and many like me belong to the two thirds of Aussies who do NOT want any more boat people. My husband is an English Immigrant but he and his family came here by the correct means including medicals, vaccinations and interviews. Who knows what these people are carrying! Have you noticed the recurrence of illnesses once thought to be ‘wiped out’?

  3. I’m with you Fairy – I don’t think we’ve got much choice at the moment. This election is all about the fear of the unknown – people who are refugees. It was OK when they were war refugees, like WW2 and Vietnam, but now they aren’t, and I’m not sure why. I don’t think we can go to 100% open borders, but I think we’ve swung too far the other way now.

  4. It is a difficult balancing act. Many of them are war refugees, I think. However, they are mostly civil wars such as Afghanistan and some of the African nations.

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