Decluttering 101


I have been decluttering for over 10 years now but I am not really sure when I started.  In fact, I had never even heard of the word until, perhaps 5 years ago and the concept of minimalism only entered my consciousness even more recently.

There are as many ways to approach decluttering as there are people on the planet.

I have heard of instances where people have decluttered their whole home in a weekend.  They ordered a skip, almost stripped their home bare and threw the excess in the skip.  I do not know what their long-term success rate was like but I suspect that it was a bit like a crash diet. The rebound effect brings you back to the same point as where you started or worse.

The slow and steady approach is my way and it also fits with my philosophy of minimising waste and making do with what I have.  I had numerous mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser from hotel visits.  I have gradually used them up until they are all gone.

I have no doubt that the key to successfully decluttering your home is to stop bringing more stuff into it.  Unless you can get rid of the endless stream of possessions coming in, nothing is achieved.  It is time to alter your mindset and cease the constant inflow.

Although I do not write regularly about what I have decluttered, rarely a day goes by without me moving something out. It may be physical items or even that very insidious junk – digital clutter.  When was the last time you checked your email inbox?  Is it overflowing with offers, freebies and emails that you haven’t even read?  Get set with the delete and unsubscribe functions!

Here are some of the things that I have re-homed recently.

Large chest of drawers – sold on Gumtree
2 suitcases – given away via Freecycle
Mirror in frame – given away via Freecycle
2 zips – sent to a friend
Paper napkins – sent in response to an online request
3 men’s polo shirts – given to op shop
Skirt and 2 tops – given to op shop
4 cookbooks – given to op shop

What have you decluttered recently?

7 thoughts on “Decluttering 101

  1. I have made good inroads into using craft materials I have in my sewing room.
    I have become involved in my local RSPCA and when we discussed having a giant jumble sale to kick off our fund raising I immediately thought of my own skills for making things to sell on a craft stall at the sale. Not all professionally made but with great enthusiasm on my part.
    So far I have made 8 full size aprons, 12 peg bags (all made from a bolt of Laura Ashley soft furnishing fabric I was given years ago) dozens of crochet covered clothes hangers, 3 patchwork tote bags, numerous laminated book marks and gift cards made from old greetings cards and now (thanks to a link Katie Qld – a Simple Savers friend) I have made 12 crochet scrunchies. I am still seeking new ideas for further projects so if any of your followers have suggestions I would be grateful.
    This, for me, has been a great way of Decluttering all those odds and ends of fabric, ribbon, wool etc. costing me nothing but time and leaving my sewing room much tidier.

  2. Like I have mentioned in previous posts my DH & self have recently decluttered big time it began when we were painting and having new carpets installed which meant the whole removal of stuff in each room, also we had new walk-in wardrobes built, basically most unwanted cloths went to the op shop, very old books we simply tossed into the bin because Iam sure that reading old dust books is not good and besides with ipad & kindle lots can be obtained free. We ended up with one surplus bookcase, a chest of drawers, and cabinet for crockery and I FEEL GOOD the place looks great., but the process takes time, because of all the work to get here I am now very reluctant to buy STUFF to just add to our household , For the future when I finish reading any books I still have not read I will pass onto friends not to be returned.

    • I agree with you about it feeling good and you certainly don’t want to fill the place up with more stuff and sabotage your efforts.

      Good work and enjoy the space!

  3. I just vacuumed inside all the kitchen drawers (and I have 16 I think)! Then I tidied up two of the tops ones – one with recipes getting out of hand along with grocery receipts (I track my spending month on month). The other one gets unruly with the washed ziplocks of different sizes. I tossed out some trash (like a small ice cream spoon – why it’s been in there literally years I don’t know, I just recycled it), and moved some of the ‘hardware’ like items into the little hardware drawer I have from Ikea. Some recipes became scrap paper, others were put into the display folders. Much happier now!

    I must get better at clearing the ‘declutter’ box at the door. Any idea on who/where I could take old keys?

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