Today we hear of another life snuffed out.


Luke Batty died at his father’s hand.  He joins Darcey Freeman who was thrown to her death from the Westgate Bridge 5 years ago.  Daniel Morcombe was snatched from his family a little over 10 years ago and now his parents are facing all of the memories as his alleged killer stands trial.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  I know there are others but these 3 are in my mind today.

Rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. I’ve known fathers like that, and mothers who still think their children are ‘safe’ around those fathers…the only good that has come of this is that Luke will never have to be afraid of his father again, and neither will his mother. I hope she is able to find some peace in the coming years.

    • It is an awful situation but I certainly hope that peace can be found and awareness is raised. Unfortunately, most of us know of similar, but less extreme cases.

  2. Oh so true and sad. I must say that I am surprised we don’t see and hear more of these tragic circumstances. The things I see at our school that some children are exposed to due to family dysfunction and the lack of and total ineptitude of so called support systems is so frustrating. Everyone is so busy trying to cover their own arses nothing actually gets done to help the victims.

  3. It is horrible that kids like Luke and and those at your school are exposed to such terrible behavious. I agree with you about the apparent ineptitude.

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