Project 333 – Planning Ahead


The forecast here is for temperatures to be in the low to mid 30’s (Celsius) for the next week but already my thoughts are turning to my autumn wardrobe.

This photo comes from the original Project 333 post from Courtney Carver.

White shirts

One of the things I would really like is a white shirt, probably linen.  It would be a really useful addition to my existing collection of clothing.  “White shirt” sounds fairly simple but it will need to be just right before I consider adding it to my wardrobe.  In fact I am contemplating making one if I can find/draft the perfect pattern.

What is on your wishlist?

10 thoughts on “Project 333 – Planning Ahead

    • I understand that you have had a really tough winter and it is not over yet. Summer will roll around again but in the meantime I will send you lots of warm vibes. 🙂

  1. A pair of jeans that really fit are on my wishlist. I have the hardest time since they make them for people with insanely long legs and no curves.

    • Jeans are a real challenge to find. I had almost given up until I found NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) when we were on holidays in the USA in 2012. I have 2 pairs and love them. Good luck in your quest.

    • Hi Paul

      Yes, a white shirt is a classic essential regardless of gender. Likewise, the good boots. I love my RM Williams boots. They usually get a workout in the winter months with jeans.

  2. White shirts and a lovely white T shirt are wardrobe staples. If it’s a year of really nice ones I will buy a couple. This year I was without a white T shirt as I saw nothing nice, so have spent the summer mostly in dresses and an old but OK white t shirt gets an occasional outing.

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