Cable Chaos


Just a quick post tonight as I have a bit of mid-week housework to catch up on.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot come up with a workable solution for storing the various cables for electronic devices – phone chargers, Kindle chargers, camera cable, camera battery charger etc.

Storage for cables

Do you have a magical solution for this seemingly perennial problem?

11 thoughts on “Cable Chaos

  1. On Better Homes & Gardens Tara rolled them up individually and placed each one in an empty toilet roll tube. She then stacked them tightly in a drawer on their ends. You could attach a label to each cable, so it is sticking out the top and you can identify it easily. I hope you can understand my description. I tried to find it on their website, but the search didn’t work for me. An easier way that I have used when going on holiday is to put each cable in its own ZipLock bag with the name on e.g. camera, phone etc. I hope this has been some help.

  2. I’m sure I’ve found a great solution for this before, but unfortunately I now can’t locate it! Maybe you could try something like this (, although I’m sure you could make your own rather than having to purchase it.
    Or you could divide a box into sections and store each in a section to keep them apart from each other? Or another alternative – store them in individual bags (with labels on if necessary). I also have stickers on all my chargers saying ‘laptop’, ‘phone charger’, ‘camera battery charger’ etc., just to make it easier to find the one I’m after quickly!
    Hope one of these ideas helps.

  3. Hi Fairy, We use an old Christmas sweet tin for our cables, however if we keep increasing the gadgets we will need a bigger box, so my suggestion would be either a large plastic box with a lid of something that would blend with the furniture within the room the cables are stored.

  4. Not really an answer but our live in the power board (with individual on/off switches) for easy access. I use bread tags to name each cord and have an ipad zip up bag to put them in when going away. Sadly we have a large drawer in the study full of cords and plugs etc.

  5. I put mine nicely wound up in individual clip seals bags with their purpose written on them. You could use a fabric bag for a more environmentally friendly solution. For some cables I also attach a label from my label maker / dymo so if they are loose then they are still identifiable.

  6. Hi Fairy
    I roll each cable separately in a small circle and secure with a plastic/wire tie, usually saved from some new electrical item’s packaging. Place in a box/bag. This keeps them separated and prevents tangling. Labels could be added if wished.

  7. we have a triangular shaped brackets holding a shelf up high, so we just thread any cable through that bracket and let it hang down. at lease you can see what you want and it is easy to get too. (it isn’t that messy as they are in a small room that i converted to a big cupboard). i cannot think of any other way in my home that i could store cords. i like that i can see the cord i want and in truth i know i just couldn’t keep cords neatly tied or rolled individually.

  8. My husband put labels on all of them so we know what they belong too – that is so handy and the ones I use all the time like my phone charger – I leave plugged in and then I put a bull dog clip on the edge of my desk and put the cord through it and guess what – it never ever drops onto the floor!

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