Project 333 – Cinderella


The whole essence of Project 333 is about owning clothes that you wear and love.  As well as considering things like the style, colour and size of your clothes, you need to make sure that that your clothes are appropriate to your lifestyle.

So, what happens when life throws you a curved ball?  I discovered this week that the work conference I am attending in a couple of weeks includes a gala dinner with a “Hollywood Glamour” theme.  I don’t own a full-length frock, I’m 5’2″ tall, do not plan on wearing high heels and I have 10 days to create a red-carpet look!!

I canvassed a few options – buying in the city where I work, buying online, hiring or buying secondhand – either in person or online.  If I had a bit more time I may have bought this frock online.  I would have chosen the jade green.

I decided that my first choice was to see if I could find something secondhand so I went to the Lifeline charity shop located not far from where I work.  It is in the middle of the city and generally stocks good quality items.  I did not have any particular idea of what I wanted so was open to all ideas.

A skirt caught my eye.

I did not try it on straightaway but turned my attention to finding a suitable black top.

The skirt is clearly meant to be mid-calf length and it is slightly big in the waist for me, however, by allowing it to sit on my hips it becomes a floor-length skirt.  The top is a crossover black knit by Alannah Hill embellished with feathers and sequins.  It has 3/4 sleeves with drawstrings at the elbow.  The length is perfect as it covers the top of the skirt but is short enough for me.  I will either buy or make a camisole to wear under the top.

Teamed with my existing patent leather heels and a small black evening bag, I think I will be ready for the red carpet!

My shopping spree cost me $52 – $25 for the skirt and $27 for the top.  I am not sure about the skirt but I can definitely see a place for the top in my wardrobe.  It could even go with a pair of jeans.


12 thoughts on “Project 333 – Cinderella

    • I initially thought that it would not have a place in my wardrobe so I would recycle it back to the op shop, however, I am seriously considering wearing the outfit again next month for another event. I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing any more details at this stage. 🙂

  1. Loved the ‘gown’ you linked too! And I love what you’ve come up with – Allanah Hill is a great second hand find! I also love your shoes.

  2. I could not believe my luck with the finds! I agree about the gown but I really do not have enough occasions to consider buying it. I was very impressed with the range of appropriate styles available. Any Australian sites I looked at were almost all strapless which are really quite unflattering to most figure types.

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