A Laundry Gadget


Several months ago I was searching for clips that would hook onto the clothesline to hold shirts or dresses on a hanger.  I have some old ones that came from my mother-in-law but I had not seen in any the shops recently.  Naturally, I turned to that guru, Mr Google and found this site.  The Hook-Ups which are about halfway down the page were a better version of what I was looking for.


However, it is a UK site so I decided to wait until we went there on holidays.  Now I am home with my packet of Hook-Ups that I bought at Lakeland in Glasgow.

Once they are clipped on the line it is a simple matter of slipping the hanger through the hole.  I have about 5 clipped on the line and the rest are in the peg bag on the end of the laundry trolley.


It is quick and easy to get the clothes off the line and I can hang them on the rack in the spare room ready for ironing.  Even better, there are no peg marks.


What gadgets or tips do you have to make it simpler to get the washing and ironing done?

2 thoughts on “A Laundry Gadget

  1. I hang shirts and t-shirts on hangers on the line but I use pegs to hold them in place. I think your gadget it better though.

  2. I’ve never seen a gadget like that before – wish I knew about them when I used an outside clothesline. Now I hand my clothes up inside on pipes that I have hung from the ceiling (in the basement) – problem solved.

    The only thing I have ever found that makes ironing easier is a clothes steamer. I loved the one that I used to have – it made ironing unnecessary. It was broken in our last move and not replaced.

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