Sorting the Photos & Myself


Some of you will remember this blog post from last year when I shared the awful realisation that I had deleted all the photos from my blog posts.  While I have put that experience behind me and moved on, I am aware that many of the older blog posts really do not make a lot of sense without the photos.

I am forever trying to sort out all of my digital photos and naturally my recent focus has been on getting all of the ones we took during our holiday into order.  However, I have been looking at many of the others and have found that most (if not all) of the ones that I deleted are still in various folders.  It will be a huge job but I am going to attempt to reinstate them in the relevant blog posts.

As with any big project it is best to do a little bit at a time so I have set myself the goal of fixing at least one blog post every day.  There will be no particular sequence but one day it will all be fixed, I hope.

It is now almost a week since we arrived home from overseas and I have worked 4 full days and am exhausted.  I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and the family coming to visit tomorrow.  We are looking forward to showing them the photos and giving them the small gifts we bought.

2 thoughts on “Sorting the Photos & Myself

  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip away. Now to relive it again with family. ..all the best in your endeavours to reinstating your missing photos. A huge jobs,as anything connected with photos is. I’ve just had my phone photos downloaded for me onto my laptop and now I need to learn how to delete what I don’t need…sigh
    But besides that I’m grateful for a lovely fulfilled family day today had with the grandchildren :))

  2. Ah, I did the same recently when I had doubts about the privacy that Picasa albums provide. I just cancelled the pictureless posts as I couldn’t face starting them over. Thankfully, the photos are stored somewhere else …

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