Watching & Waiting


My apologies to all my readers, and especially those of you who are new here but I don’t have any new and exciting content tonight.

As the title says, we are watching and waiting as Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia inches towards the central Queensland coast.  Even though we are about 650km south of where it is expected to cross the coast around 7am tomorrow, we are already feeling the effects of this system.  The wind has gradually increased since midday and we have recorded over 90mm of rain in the past 15 hours.

Cyclone forecastThe cyclone has rapidly increased in strength today to be rated as a Category 4 system and is expected to be a Category 5 with winds of up to almost 300km/hour by the time it reaches land.  This presents a very real risk to life and property.

This is serious and extremely dangerous.  Please do everything you can to stay safe and ensure the safety of others.

Regular posts will return soon.

2 thoughts on “Watching & Waiting

  1. Praying that you and all Queenslanders stay safe through this. I’m sure you have all prepared as well as possible. I was hoping that there will be evacuation centres or something for the homeless people in the worst affected areas at least.

    Just wanted to let you know you are being thought of from over here in WA. Stay safe Fairy.

  2. Thanks, Mary. There has been a lot of damage around Yeppoon and Rockhampton but we just had a lot of rain here. Only lost power for about 5 minutes early yesterday morning so we have come through this pretty well unscathed.

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