Welcome & What’s New


A warm welcome to all my new readers.  Please leave a comment and say hello.  I would love it if you would tell me a little about yourself and your interests.

This blog is wide-ranging and reflects what happens to be on my mind.  It can be anything from mending, gardening, sewing, cooking, decluttering or anything else that catches my fancy.

I am currently posting a series titled, “Sew My Stash Sunday” in which I am showcasing what I am making from the fabric I already have.  Do you have a stash?  I’d love to hear if you are trying to reduce it and what you make.

I have also changed the settings on the blog which should mean that you never see any ads on the blog from now on.  If you do, could you please let me know?

This week has been a bit unsettled with the approaching cyclone and then some very wet weather.  Hopefully, I will soon be back on track with lots of news and tips to motivate us all in our quest for a simpler, organised life.  If you have anything that you would like me to focus on, please let me know.

2011-09-29 02Meanwhile, take some time to smell the roses (or any other flower that you have in the garden).

2 thoughts on “Welcome & What’s New

  1. I’m culling things in my sewing stash. Am selling all my beading things as I haven’t touched them for years. Actually it’s my daughter whose selling them on a local neighbourhood Facebook sell, swap and giveaway site. It will pass on the joy at a fraction of the price . Also it is very refreshing seeing clear space appearing:)
    Also sold off some as new wooden toys and babylow chair and change mat that doesn’t get used for grandies anymore.
    All this in preparation for a house sale down the track. A way to go yet though!

    Alexa-asimplelife from Sydney , Australia

    • Good luck with culling, Alexa. It is an excellent plan to offload things that you are no longer using. Also, very wise to give yourself plenty of time to do this before the sale. Are you making a major move to a different lifestyle?

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