Flasback Friday


Today marks the beginning of a new series of old posts.  I was inspired by Julia’s comment last week in which she said how much she was enjoying the links to some of my previous posts as it gave her a reason to read some of the content I had published before she started following my blog.

I have also been enjoying re-visiting some of the earlier blog content as I continue to add back more of the photos.  So, I have decided to dedicate my Friday posts to some interesting tidbits from the archives.  It will not always be a simple link – there may be updates, comments or even additional photos to go with it.

This week, I thought I would start with a post that is mostly photographs which showcases the area where I live  – Living in Paradise.

Perhaps you would like to share a little about where you live and why?

2 thoughts on “Flasback Friday

  1. What a nice twist on Facebook’s Throwback Thursday! I look forward to watching this develop over the weeks. 🙂

    I live in Swansea, South Wales, for very prosaic reasons: I married a Welshman. Although he had not been living in Wales for many years, shortly after we married, he was offered a job here which he accepted partly in order to be closer to his ageing parents. We fell in love with the area immediately, and are very happy here.

  2. that is a beautiful part of our hinterland! will look forward to the ‘flashback fridays’ now
    have a great weekend

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