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Following on from my post on Saturday, I have bought this bag.

2015-03-21 03When I went to buy it, the sales assistant pointed out that if I bought 2 items they would both be 25% off.  I did not need another bag but then she added that it included any merchandise including wallets, hats and scarves.  I was not necessarily looking for anything else but I decided to take a look.  I found this gorgeous red scarf for $20 so added that to my purchases.  I can’t wait for some cooler weather.

2015-03-23 02Thanks to discounts and a $50 gift card I ended up getting the bag and scarf for $114.

I also ordered this dress from Rivette & Blair in Melbourne.

2015-03-21 02Instead of ordering online which is a relatively new innovation for this brand, I rang the store to check that the dress was an identical style to the 2 I already have.  I placed my order over the phone and was advised that there was 20% off the price and I also ended up ordering another in the same style which was on special for $59 which is less than half price.  The description is red and blue floral  so it will be a bit of a surprise packet!

That is certainly enough buying for me at the moment.

What about you?  Have you bought anything lately or scored a bargain?

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