Breast really was the best


This is a newish blog that I have just started reading. There are lots of great posts but this is a really special one that deserves to be shared.

Thank you, Anne.

My favourite breastfeeding photo. My favourite breastfeeding photo, graduating university and feeding my daughter

About 28 years ago I was privileged to become friends with a fantastic group of women.  We were all new mums, learning the tiring, challenging and beautiful art of mothering together.  We were passionate about our role as mothers and were all members of the Nursing Mothers Association, now the Australian Breast Feeding Association. I can’t remember what I learnt at our regular meetings but I well remember the support, understanding and bond I shared with these women.  On the days that I doubted my ability and when I felt as if I was going crazy from lack of sleep they were the ones that made the tea and passed the tissues.

We all breastfed our babies.  The five of us suckled 14 babies.  We weathered

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2 thoughts on “Breast really was the best

  1. totally agree with your there, it’s something that is rarely seen & it should be as natural & as awww as a littler of puppies suckling on their mum too!
    i fed all mine, though for not as long as i would’ve liked.
    thanx for sharing

  2. I lived in New Guinea from 1967-70 and breastfed to the best of my ability, my daughter born there. I vividly remember one day at the shops seeing a New Guinean mother buy a bottle of “coke”, remove the lid and replace it with a teat taken from among miscellaneous “junk” in her billum bag, and give it to her child about 10-12 months of age in a stroller, for it to enjoy the drink!! No doctor’s prescription needed for that!

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