Sew My Stash Sunday – 13

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The black lawn to line the yoke of the blouse has been bought, cut out and pinned to the yoke pieces.  That is where the sewing stopped for this week.  A birthday celebration and houseguests, including grandchildren put paid to any more sewing.

However, there has been some activity in the sewing room.

I found a use for this set of mini-drawers which came from my mother.  They are now on my sewing table and contain various small sewing items.

2015-04-12 01Next, I repositioned this chest of drawers to sit under the table.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before.  I previously had to move them, and they are very heavy, every time we needed to pull the trundle bed out.

2015-04-12 02Finally, I did do some fabric work this afternoon, although it was not strictly sewing.  I started cutting some old t-shirts that i got on Freecycle into strips.  My plan is to make a plaited floor rug like this.

I have plaited this piece which is about 8 metres in length, so far.  I will need quite a bit more before I have enough so keep watching for the finished article.

2015-04-12 03The stash has grown rather than shrunk this week as I was given some fabric by a work colleague.  More about that another time.

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