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This blog is not about my life laid bare for all the world to see.  However, I have alluded to the fact that I have been very busy recently so tonight I wanted to share a little of that with you.

About 10 days ago I was part of a gathering of my extended family.  Like many families, sometimes it seems as though the only times we connect with cousins and others beyond our immediate family is at funerals.  Some months ago I came up with the idea of gathering on the centenary of our grandfather’s arrival at Gallipoli.  He was not in the first contingent of Australian forces who landed on 25th April but was in some of the reinforcements who arrived in mid-July.  A series of events led to him meeting his future wife (our grandmother) in England, and so, our branch of the family grew and flourished.

After much anticipation, family members gathered from near and far for a day of celebration and reminiscing.  The weather was kind, memories were shared and connections rekindled.  We had an amazing day.

2015-07-22 01I think this photograph captured the essence of the day perfectly.

4 thoughts on “Live Life

  1. What a great idea, to meet on a significant family anniversary. And such an interesting story about your grandfather. I think the World War One commemorations are making everyone re-connect with their family history. In our village we are having events to mark the life, and death, of those former residents who died during WW1-meeting up and remembering them on the centenary of their death.

    • What a lovely idea of the village to celebrate the former residents. I agree, that the centenary of WWI has provided some amazing opportunities to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

  2. Have just had a similar evening with my cousins and sister and a few of the next generation as part of a big celebration for 60. It was the best evening and as we are so scattered a very rare occurrence. It was fantastic for those younger ones.

    • Congratulations on your birthday! Great that you had an opportunity to get together with the family. I agree that it is important for the next generation to be involved in connecting with family.

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