Retirement Plans


No, we are not about to retire, although today is GMan’s birthday and it is a reminder that the time when we are no longer in paid employment is edging inexorably closer.

2015-08-06 01It is strange how thoughts seem to align.  A friend posed the question on Facebook today, “What are your retirement plans?”  The answers varied but an overarching theme seemed to be travel and writing which may have something to do with her particular group of Facebook friends.  However, I was blown away when one respondent stated, “I’m hoping to simply make it to retirement age!!”  That really put it into perspective because although we all risk not making it her odds are definitely not as good as most of us.

I also saw my own plans with a great deal more clarity.  I realised that my retirement  plans are very similar to the reality of my life today and while some could view that as rather boring I can see that I am living my life as I choose here and now, today and every day.  I don’t want to sound morbid but if anything happened that I did not reach the age at which I intend to retire I would still have done and seen much of want I want to do and see.

We need to create a balance in our lives but I would implore you to savour each and every day as well as planning for the future.

2 thoughts on “Retirement Plans

  1. How wonderful that you have that balance already! I know far too many people who didn’t make it to retirement, or did, but only got to have a few years of it, in poor health. It’s going to be a long time before I retire, possibly longer than I imagine, if the economy and politics keep going the way they are… but that’s ok. I’m looking for ways to create that balance now, anyway. I don’t mind working longer if ‘working’ doesn’t mean ‘sacrificing my whole life to a job’.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and thank you for your comment. The older I get, the more I realise that balance is the all-important ingredient in life.

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