Even though I have consistently decluttered for several years there are always random things that elude several attempts.

031These 3 little bottles of food colouring were in my pantry until tonight.  I have overlooked them each time I have cleaned out my pantry.  Tonight I opened the wire drawer to get out black pepper to season our dinner and saw these bottles of food colouring with fresh eyes.  I do not use it in any baking and it is a long time since I have made play dough or anything else that I may wish to colour so they went straight in the bin.  The fact that all of the “ingredients” are numbers made me even more certain that there is no way that I would ever use them again.

What have you decluttered lately?  Anything that should have been binned a long time previously?

6 thoughts on “Never-Ending

  1. When we moved here, I started saving newspaper cuttings of things to do in the area, planning to take advantage when we had visitors. Over 10 years on, and they’ve just collected dust. Whenever we have visitors, we look things up online, or in the current paper. Into the recycling this week!

    • It is easy for stuff to just stay because we get so used to it being there. I have no idea what finally jolted me into action with the food colouring. There are so many reasons that things become unnecessary and technology is fabulous at making things obsolete.

  2. Yes, Fairy – a bottle of Parisian Essence that must be twenty or more years old with about an inch or so of absolutely solid unmovable deposit in the bottom of it – out it went 🙂

  3. We de cluttered the bathroom and ensuite cabinets, makeup, cough medicine, perished rubber gloves, mans hair brush (he’s been bald for a few years now), those bottles with 1/8″ left. Definitely needed doing, all in neat baskets now.

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