And Now He is Gone


WARNING:  This post is a political piece which contains my personal opinions.

Australia has a new Prime Minister.  Tony Abbott is gone and Malcolm Turnbull is now the leader of this country.

2015-09-15 01There has been much written about this change and the merits or otherwise.  Regardless of political allegiance we all deserve a national leader who is articulate and can represent this country appropriately on the world stage.  Tony Abbott did not.  Here is a sample to illustrate my point.

3 thoughts on “And Now He is Gone

  1. Funnily enough I was chatting to a couple from Australia in my cafe on Monday who were pleased he had gone. I also understand he had some interesting opinions on women! Over here in the UK nearly a quarter of a million people have just voted in a new leader of the opposition who is very left-leaning so interesting times ahead for us too. He has recently appointed his Shadow Cabinet with half the roles going to women and a new position of Shadow Minister for Mental Health. Good Luck with Malcolm Turnbull!

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