The Painting Project


Some years ago we had some major renovation work done which included replacing all of the old windows and the old vinyl cladding on the exterior.  We chose a light colour – ‘Evening Haze’, I think, for the Colorbond cladding and a dark charcoal grey for the window frames.

While it was not a high priority at the time, we knew that one day we would repaint the besser block garage and workshop from the current salmon colour to something that would tone in with the windows and cladding.  We subsequently decided on a fairly dark grey which we have already used for the fence posts for the vegetable garden and new front fencing.  These are both close to the house and we did not want to introduce yet another variation to the colour scheme.

2 weeks ago we painted the first coat on the wall at the back of the workshop.  Here is the before shot.

003The new look.

004We did not finish the exposed pipe because we ran out of time before we had to go out but GMan was back at it yesterday.  He finished painting the pipe and did the second coat as well.  This had to be done now as we are getting a battery system for our solar panels sometime in the next month or so and the battery bank will be placed against this wall.  Over time we will get all of the exterior walls downstairs painted and finally eliminate the salmon paintwork forever.

The same weekend as we started the exterior painting GMan re-painted the feature wall in the lounge room.  We originally had the television mounted on the wall and when that arrangement changed a few years ago we plastered and re-painted the wall but did not have enough to re-do the whole wall.  Even though it was the same tin of paint as was used originally Gman was not happy with the result and we bought a new tin to re-do the whole wall.  That had not happened but when we had to move the furniture to position the restored cabinet he decided that the time was right to do the painting so that is another job ticked off the list.


7 thoughts on “The Painting Project

  1. Goodbye salmon! It looks great with the grey.

    I’m so excited to hear how your battery pack goes – I really want one but we will have to wait a bit before it makes the outlay make sense for our budget. In the meantime I am busily gathering up info about them!

  2. What a lovely fresh look. Well done G Man 🙂 I am interested in the solar battery set-up too, so do let us know how it goes.

    • The new colour will be much more modern. The salmon is definitely not my preference but we have got used to it after nearly 10 years!

      Watch this space for updates on the batteries.

  3. Just love that feeling of crossing long-standing jobs off the list. So much the better when the results look so good, too. 🙂
    Battery pack for solar panels? I don’t think they’re readily available here in Wales, yet. Do let us know how they work out, as we would love to add that storage element to ours, too.

    • The problem is that we have plenty of long-standing jobs to choose from!!

      When GMan read your comment he said that he did not realise that you had solar panels. In fact, nor did I. Perhaps they are only a recent addition? I will certainly let you know how the batteries work out. They are just starting to become more ‘mainstream’ here in the past 6 months or so.

      • We’ve had the solar panels for quite a few years. They are on the uphill side of the house roof, so not easily seen unless you’re looking for them, and standing in the right place. We’ve been very happy with them overall; obviously they perform best in the summer.

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