Use and Enjoy


Even though I have decluttered quite a bit of stuff, I still have a lot of glassware and crockery in the sideboard that do not get used every day.

I recently cleaned out the drawer in the kitchen which hold the mugs and glasses.  I off-loaded some of the odd glasses from the back of the drawer which were never used as well as some plastic tumblers which were all crazed and for which we no longer have the matching jug.

I could have left the excess space but instead, I decided to add 5 coloured glasses which have been in the sideboard.

006 (2)

There were once 6 of these glasses which came from my parents’ place.  I always loved them and they were for special occasions.  It would be easy to fall into that trap but I decided that since I really like them I will use them every day.  If they get broken I will not mourn, instead, I will be glad that had the opportunity to use and enjoy them.

I have not taken the time to respond to your comments on my previous post but I will do so, hopefully tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Use and Enjoy

  1. We have a set of ‘special’ dishes that I call my Sunday dishes. They are only slightly fancier than our everyday dishes, but they are a complete matching set. I make a point of using them at least once a week, whether the meal is fancy or not. Like you, I don’t want to have stuff that never gets used and enjoyed. If something breaks, it’s not the end of the world.

  2. totally agree
    sometimes we don’t get special occasions, not these days when so many ‘traditions’ are falling out of favour, so items that were once saved are now used too
    it’s lovely to use once that was owned of parents :))
    thanx for sharing

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