A Milestone


Today marks the 5th anniversary of this blog – Organised Castle.  WordPress sent me a message of congratulations this evening but I had remembered this morning when I checked back to the date of my first post.


It is interesting that I reach this milestone at a time when I have spent some time debating the future of Organised Castle.  I am definitely planning to continue with the blog but am yet to decide on the direction.


Some blogs have a very narrow focus with quite specific content whereas mine tends to be a more rambling approach to whatever is foremost in my mind.  Over the last 5 years I have covered topics as diverse as decluttering, my small wardrobe, gardening, menu planning, sewing, general organisation, cooking, green cleaning, preserving food and even some political commentary.

2012-06-09 01

When I started the blog I made a commitment to myself to post every day in order to make it a habit.  Sometimes I stick to this and other times there can be substantial gaps when life gets in the way.  I have considered a less onerous schedule of perhaps 2 posts per week, however, I have decided to maintain the current random posting of whenever I have the time and something worthwhile to say.


While the frequency of posts is entirely my decision, I would love some feedback from you, dear reader, regarding the content.  I have recently posted a number of posts with recipes and preparation of our dinners.  These seem to have been popular and I am wondering if I should do more of this.  What would you like to see in future posts?  Anything I should leave out?  I would love your feedback because although this is part diary it is also about sharing knowledge and skills and I want to keep it relevant for you.


I am looking forward to the next 5 years and what will unfold and time goes by.

8 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. Congratulations on 5 years. Every now and then I get enthusiastic and decide I will write daily (normally in my personal journal, but sometimes on the SS Blog site), but it rarely lasts.
    I enjoy most things you write about, even if it is “rambling”. I probably read posts about your journey to a self sustaining lifestyle mostly – the garden, the chooks, the solar. I am at a different life stage than you (my kids are at school still) but watch your lifestyle with some envy and think that maybe my DH and I can achieve a similar lifestyle in a few years time.

    • Hi Kylie, thanks for your comment. There will definitely be more on the garden and solar in some upcoming posts. We are all at different stages of life but everyone has something to offer. 🙂

  2. I don’t know. I rather like the randomness of your blog–it reflects a well-rounded real life. And while I appreciate that the more regularly a blogger blogs, the easier it is to do, as a reader, I actually prefer that blogs don’t show up too often!

    • Random – yes that’s me and my life, Julia. 🙂 A little bit of everything. I think I will continue to try to post each day so just ignore me if it gets too much. 🙂 At least my posts are usually relatively short and can be skimmed over fairly quickly.

  3. As I don’t have a garden, I tend to skip over your posts on that more often, but otherwise, I do enjoy the shorter length of posts. I read all your posts in a weekly summary email on a Monday evening, just FYI

  4. Hi Sarah, interesting to hear that you read a week of posts in one go. I can understand that the gardening ones probably don’t hold a huge interest for you but I like to think there is something for everyone in my blog. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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