The Festival of Y (My Birthday)


Today is my birthday and GMan and I both managed to organise the day off.

In one of our local papers last week there was an article about a walking trail in a nearby National Park.  It follows an route of the old railway track between Landsborough and Mooloolah and even goes through an old tunnel.  When we read about this opportunity which is almost on our doorstep we decided that we would have to check it out.

Today was the day, so we set off on the return walk of about 7km which included a slight detour onto a side track.

The southern entrance to the trail.

2016-04-20 01

Some of the vegetation along the way.

Looking for the bats that live in the tunnel.  We did see them – tiny bats in a dark cluster on the roof of the tunnel.

2016-04-20 05

View of the northern entrance to the tunnel.

2016-04-20 06

After our walk we headed to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout where we had a picnic barbecue lunch and enjoyed the bush surroundings.

It was a great opportunity to spend some time enjoying the delights of our local area during the week when most people are at work and there was barely anyone else around.

8 thoughts on “The Festival of Y (My Birthday)

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday Fairy. What a wonderful way to spend your special day. This is my first post to your blog – I thoroughly enjoy reading it! Thank you.

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