A Berry Birthday

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Well, today is my birthday and has been quite unlike any other.  Not bad………..just different.  Thanks to the current coronavirus outbreak, we are mostly staying at home and today was no different.

We often celebrate birthdays by going out to dinner and a few days ago GMan found that a seafood restaurant near us is doing takeaways including grilled fish and chips.  However, they are closed on Mondays so we have decided to have that treat tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I planned and cooked my own birthday dinner.  A foray to the garden yielded snake beans (my new favourite variety), choy sum and raspberries.

2020-04-20 01

We had a vegetable stir-fry and followed it up with dessert of chocolate cake (gluten-free, of course) and fresh raspberries.  I really could not have asked for a more delicious meal despite having to prepare it myself.

2020-04-20 02

Tomorrow I will post the recipe for the cake for anyone who is interested.

A Marathon Milestone


Most of April seems to have slipped by in a whirl of socialising.  The reason behind it all was my birthday.  Not just any birthday, but my 60th birthday which is quite a milestone.

The celebrations were nicely spaced out over about 3 weeks and included lunch with my work colleagues early in the month followed by a morning tea at work for all of the April babies, 6 days in Tasmania with GMan and finally, a lunch for family and friends on Sunday.

2018-05-01 01

GMan and I with the amazing cake which was a fitting finale to a lovely meal and a fantastic few weeks of celebrating.

Everything should settle down to the regular routine now and hopefully blog posts will return to reasonably normal intervals.


Somewhere Different

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We have been to Melbourne for a couple of days.  The reason was to visit our daughter and celebrate her birthday.  However, I managed to sneak in a spot of shopping.

Last year I got rid of my knee-high black boots as the heel was simply higher than what I was comfortable wearing.  I had been debating for some time about replacing them and I finally found a pair that I was happy would suit my needs.

2016-06-12 01

I wore them for most of the past two days, including quite a bit of walking and they are very comfortable.  I am really pleased with my purchase and expect they will last me quite a few years.

My other purchase was at a small, independent fabric shop in the northern suburb of Ivanhoe.  There were lots of beautiful winter fabrics but I bought a piece of linen to make something for myself next summer – probably a blouse of some description.

2016-06-12 02

I fell in love with the colour and pattern of this piece and am sure it will make a gorgeous garment.


The Festival of Y (My Birthday)


Today is my birthday and GMan and I both managed to organise the day off.

In one of our local papers last week there was an article about a walking trail in a nearby National Park.  It follows an route of the old railway track between Landsborough and Mooloolah and even goes through an old tunnel.  When we read about this opportunity which is almost on our doorstep we decided that we would have to check it out.

Today was the day, so we set off on the return walk of about 7km which included a slight detour onto a side track.

The southern entrance to the trail.

2016-04-20 01

Some of the vegetation along the way.

Looking for the bats that live in the tunnel.  We did see them – tiny bats in a dark cluster on the roof of the tunnel.

2016-04-20 05

View of the northern entrance to the tunnel.

2016-04-20 06

After our walk we headed to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout where we had a picnic barbecue lunch and enjoyed the bush surroundings.

It was a great opportunity to spend some time enjoying the delights of our local area during the week when most people are at work and there was barely anyone else around.

Cause for Celebration


I missed writing a blog post last night as I went out to dinner with my mother and brother.  The occasion was my mother’s birthday.

2015-11-21 01

While this year was not what is generally regarded as a ‘milestone’ birthday it was particularly significant to me.

8 months ago Mum was not in the best of health and over the next 3 months declined further until her open heart surgery in June.  We were all well aware of the very real possibility that she may not get to celebrate her next birthday.  However, the surgery was a success and Mum has recovered exceptionally well.  So, it is with great joy that we were able to to celebrate her birthday yesterday evening.

2015-11-21 02

Happy Birthday, Mum!  May there be many more.

Happy Birthday


On this day, 33 years ago my life changed forever with the arrival of my first-born child.


There was no internet, Skype, Instagram or Facebook.  We did not even think to take a photo while in hospital.  This is the first photo of our newborn daughter at 7days, once we were home from hospital.

It seems like yesterday but so much has happened in those intervening years.

There have been highs, lows and plenty of challenges but I am so proud of what she has achieved and the woman she has become.

2015-09-03 02Happy Birthday, darling and best wishes for an amazing future.

Just Another Day………..


You may or may not have noticed the lack of ‘Sew My Stash Sunday’ post yesterday.  There was not much use posting as I had not done any sewing.

A busy week at work followed by gardening on Saturday and guests for lunch on Sunday put sewing firmly on the backburner this week.

Today was not quite ‘just another day at the office’ as it was my birthday and of course that was a great excuse to have cake for morning tea.

2015-04-20 01GMan happened to have the day off today so it was lovely to come home to dinner prepared and ready to be served.

I am feeling very loved thanks to all the messages, phone calls and cards from my family and friends.

Celebration Central

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In the midst of our busy lives it is good to take time out to celebate.

Today is Mothers’ Day and I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with my mother, sister, one of my daughters and 2 granddaughters as well as my husband, brother and brother-in-law.  We gathered at a cafe and shared some morning tea before adjourning to a local park where we could sit in the sun and chat while the children played on the playground.  It was really special and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A special thought for those whose mothers or children are not in their lives either through death, distance or estrangement.

Meanwhile, I have been working on creating the invitations for The Duke’s milestone birthday celebration in a few months time.  Here is a photo from the ‘archives’ that I am using.

Geoff photo_0002
Finally, there will be celebrating this month when two much awaited babies arrive to loving families that I know.

What is happening in your life and the lives of those around you that is worth celebrating?  Take time out and share the occasion.

Birthday Business


Today is my birthday.  No particular milestone but time to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the year ahead.  I have been blessed with lots of lovely messages from family and friends.

Our wedding anniversary was a couple of weeks ago and we did not have a particular celebration for either event.  However, in the past fortnight we have had a picnic with family, been to the movies twice and eaten out at our local Italian restaurant.

Today we spent the time together working in the garden – re-arranging, planting and naturally planning the next project.  My brain works faster than my hands!

I did stop and make lunch which was as good as any cafe offering and the view from the deck is pretty special, too.

I hope you are having a relaxing Easter break.


Birthday Wishes


Today was a milestone birthday for special lady.  It was my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday.

It was a milestone that we were not sure that would eventuate since her diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease several years ago.

A small group of some of her children and grandchildren gathered to celebrate the occasion with cake and flowers.

A short, impromptu duet which included her grandson brought much joy and elicited an emotional response.

We are very grateful for today and will all cherish the memories.