Somewhere Different

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We have been to Melbourne for a couple of days.  The reason was to visit our daughter and celebrate her birthday.  However, I managed to sneak in a spot of shopping.

Last year I got rid of my knee-high black boots as the heel was simply higher than what I was comfortable wearing.  I had been debating for some time about replacing them and I finally found a pair that I was happy would suit my needs.

2016-06-12 01

I wore them for most of the past two days, including quite a bit of walking and they are very comfortable.  I am really pleased with my purchase and expect they will last me quite a few years.

My other purchase was at a small, independent fabric shop in the northern suburb of Ivanhoe.  There were lots of beautiful winter fabrics but I bought a piece of linen to make something for myself next summer – probably a blouse of some description.

2016-06-12 02

I fell in love with the colour and pattern of this piece and am sure it will make a gorgeous garment.


Project 333 – My Favourite

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I have a fairly streamlined collection of clothes thanks to my participation in Project 333 as well as generally narrowing down the selection of clothes that I own.  I love and wear all of my clothes but I have one stand-out favourite and this is it.


The photograph probably does not do it justice but it is a blue and white striped collared shirt with 3/4 sleeves.  It is cotton with a touch of elastane which gives a tiny bit of stretch for wearing ease.  Even ironing this shirt makes me smile.  I just love it.  I bought it several years ago from Rivette & Blair in Melbourne and it must be popular as it is still currently listed on the website as being in stock.  Finding this store has been a godsend for me as they stock lots of the type of clothes I wear and the fit is excellent.  In fact, I have no fewer than 32 items from Rivette & Blair in my current wardrobe.  That is almost half of my total clothing items.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?  What makes it special for you?

Note:  The opinions in this blog are entirely my own.

No Place Like Home


We have been away for a few days in Melbourne.  It was a lovely break and we stayed with our daughter.  Our activities can be summed up in a few words – shopping (clothes and shoes), eating and sightseeing.

Both The Duke and I bought clothes and shoes that we needed.  Some of it is to replace existing items in our wardrobes that have seen better days.  I will do a separate post soon about the clothes and how they will fit in with my existing clothes.

Missy took us out to dinner last night at the Woodlands Hotel which was really lovely and today we caught up for lunch with other family and friends.

Yesterday we went to the Immigration Museum and saw the most interesting exhibition, “Leaving Dublin” which is a photographic essay of the current wave of people leaving Dublin as a result of the economic downturn.

As the saying goes, ‘there really is no place like home’ and now I need to unpack and put a load of washing in the machine, make our lunches and plan what I am going to wear tomorrow.

Project 333 – A Perfect Fit


I have been continuing my quest to own only clothes that I truly love and wear regularly.

When I first became involved in Project 333 in April 2012 I took 4 items out of my wardrobe that did not fit me.  I was not prepared to get rid of the clothes at that time as they were almost brand new and I was not ready to let them go.

Fast forward to July 2012 and I decided to embark on a grain free, gluten free diet for health reasons.  Coincidentally, I have lost 8kg in 6 months.

In October I tried on the skirt and decided that it was never going to suit me whatever size I was, so that went to the op shop.  There was a pair of white linen 3/4 trousers which 6 months earlier had not been even a glimmer of hope of zipping them up yet now they fitted.

2013-02-06 01Tonight I decided to check the other 2 items in the bag.  They are cotton drill jackets – one red and one a dark charcoal in an identical style.  They now are also suitable to wear so will be added back to my wardrobe as the weather cools down over the next few months.

2013-02-06 02It is just as well that I had these additions because there is going to be some more culling of the wardrobe contents before long.  There are several pairs of 3/4 trousers which are really much too loose and now are quite unflattering.  Some of my skirts are also rather loose.

I am trying to think carefully about what new items I might buy and make sure that they fit with the existing pieces in my wardrobe.  We will be in Melbourne this weekend so I am hoping to find some trousers that will be suitable for winter here.  I will also look out for anything else that is on my wanted list.