A Fresh Start

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This is a brand new blog, so here goes.

Come and join me on my journey towards an organised, sustainable existence.

This will be a random selection of happenings at ‘The Castle’ which I hope will prove to be both informative and interesting.  Please comment, make suggestions and generally let me know what you think.

I expect that there will be photos, recipes, hints and tips as well as some more personal thoughts.

Today I have been working on making a patchwork doona cover for my grand-daughter.  A few weeks ago I found that someone was selling a piece of ‘Dora the Explorer’ fabric online so that was too good an opportunity to pass up since Dora is a firm favourite with Miss O at the moment.  I bought some plain fabric from Spotlight to go with it and am very happy with the effect so far.  There is also a small pile of mending to be done so I might try to get that done tomorrow.

One thought on “A Fresh Start

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog regularly – thanks for sharing your journey with us. Hopefully it will help me get organised!

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