Kitchen Appliances to Keep – Or Not?


I am short on time tonight but I thought I would share this link which is food for thought.  It lists 5 kitchen appliances that you may not really need.  They are:

1  Blender

2  Electric Grill

3  Baby Food Maker

4  Microwave oven

5  Panini Press

2015-03-10 01I have been giving quite a bit of thought to this exact topic recently so when a friend posted the link it caught my eye and gave my a bit more to think about.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you have and why.  I will be back with my own detailed response tomorrow.

Keep watching for a new series beginning on Friday.

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Appliances to Keep – Or Not?

  1. We’ve been slowly shedding our appliance by not replacing them when they reach the end of the line.We’re down to a blender/mixer (which we seldom use because of the pain of cleaning it), a coffee perc (no…don’t even go there! This is an essential!), and the microwave. Ditching the microwave is something we periodically contemplate…but it’s just so handy for softening the butter and baking that brownie when unexpected guests arrive…little steps I guess.

  2. Out of those five I only have a microwave and a blender and I am looking hard at the blender! However, I have plenty of other appliances which should go: juicer, pie maker, toasted sandwich maker, rice cooker, but my husband is reluctant in case we need them again some day. (I haven’t used any of those for years.) He reckons we have the space so why worry? I say I prefer to have the empty space.

    But I continue to declutter what is definitely mine and slowly he is coming round, no pressure that’s the answer I think!

  3. The only one of the 5 I have is a blender (new).
    I would keep that since it fits neatly in a corner
    and I use it a lot to make soup. Never had a
    microwave and never seen the need for one.
    Things I wouldn’t give up:
    rice cooker (we eat a lot of Asian food)
    dishwasher (I cook everything from scratch
    and often 3 times a day)
    yogurt maker (our house is too cold in
    winter to make it in a thermos!)

    What are other people’s priorities?!

  4. Never heard of a panini press. A baby food maker, true? Not really into electric gadgets but I love my Bamix, use it every day and when kids were home 3-4 times a day. The microwave is great mostly because of my limited kitchen. I do use it more for in the prep stage than for anything else though. I did recently buy a citrus juicer because of my arthritic hands, not fun juicing mountains of lemons and oranges and whincing in pain with each one That was $20.00 well spent! Rice cooker a must as is the sandwich toaster and mixer which is multi functional as blender, mincer and it has a mini mill which is great for spices. Oh the other must is my slow cookers, they are wonderful!

    • Your gadgets sound similar to mine except the rice cooker and I only have 1 slow cooker. I use the citrus juicer attachment on the food processor all the time. I could not imagine squeezing in excess of 100 lemons by hand!

  5. i don’t own any of those, did have a blender & microwave years ago but when they broke i never bothered to replace them. barely used them, the microwave was only used for defrosting & cooking pasta & rice. the blender for milkshakes.
    have been researching manual operated items rather than electrical of late as am interested in a food processor of some sort.
    definitely food for thought with your post
    thanx for sharing

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