Patchwork – 5 Months Later


I have finally made it back to my patchwork that I first showed you here and here.  Well it is 5 months later and I have finally got back to doing some more.  I now have 31 blocks completed and here they are laid out on the floor in a totally random order.  None of the fabric was purchased specifically for the project.  It is all offcuts from dressmaking projects or small unused pieces from my stash of fabric.  That stash is a bit smaller now.  🙂

2014-11-02 01
By my calculations these 30 blocks should cover the entire bed but I am not too sure how much overhang I want at the sides and the end or how much I will lose when I add the wadding and quilt it.  I think I will sew all of these together and see what I think.  Then I can add another row or two of blocks if I feel it needs it.  I am also wondering whether to put a plain border of 6 – 8 cm all around the edge.

Please share your thoughts or experiences on patchwork/quilting in the comments.

I have also cut out another 80 squares for a smaller rug using the same technique but more about that another day.

8 thoughts on “Patchwork – 5 Months Later

  1. I would add a narrow dark blue border then a wider medium blue fabric border to finish it off. (This could be pieced, I’m a great one for using what I have, I wouldn’t go and buy new, although I know many who do.)

    As far as size is concerned, I personally like a good overhang, generally to the bottom of the mattress. When two people (or even one) are in bed and it just covers the top it lets the cold air in. In other words bigger than the duvet.

    These are my favourite colours and a lovely block pattern, well done!

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I agree that a decent overhang will be the way to go. I will probably do another row of blocks on both the side and the end. I think I will need to buy some extra fabric for the border as I have used just about every last skerrick of blue fabric.

  2. It’s looking really good. I would definitely add enough fabric so there’s enough to cover both of you.. totally up to you whether you go for more blocks or plain borders.. just bear in mind that you’ll lose a bit of width when you bind it, which matters more with blocks than with borders. Enjoy!!

  3. Thanks for tips, Julia. Definitely will be doing more blocks then probably a plain border as well. I understand what you mean about losing some with the binding.

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