Open Your Eyes


Today I was reminded of how often we really do not take notice of what is going on around us.  I read this post by Zoë Boccabella.  I had never heard of Little Free Libraries but worst of all this one is actually located in the closest small town to where I live.  Why is that bad?  I go to town usually once each week and I have seen the Little Free Library and know exactly where it is but I had never bothered to investigate what it was or its purpose.  Now I have found out, thanks to a blog by someone who does not even live here.

Little Free Library also has a Facebook page if you are interested.

Thanks, Zoë, for opening my eyes.


4 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes

  1. I love Zoe’s blog, such beautiful artwork. It amazes me that I can drive or walk past something I’ve been passing for years and all of a sudden I see it from a different eye. Swear these things appear like the changing lands at the top of the faraway tree!

  2. Thank you!! Maleny is a very special place. I go there whenever I can. There are so many lovely things to discover all the time amongst the town and its surrounds. I wish I could live there too. Maybe one day…

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