Project 333 – A Perfect Fit


I have been continuing my quest to own only clothes that I truly love and wear regularly.

When I first became involved in Project 333 in April 2012 I took 4 items out of my wardrobe that did not fit me.  I was not prepared to get rid of the clothes at that time as they were almost brand new and I was not ready to let them go.

Fast forward to July 2012 and I decided to embark on a grain free, gluten free diet for health reasons.  Coincidentally, I have lost 8kg in 6 months.

In October I tried on the skirt and decided that it was never going to suit me whatever size I was, so that went to the op shop.  There was a pair of white linen 3/4 trousers which 6 months earlier had not been even a glimmer of hope of zipping them up yet now they fitted.

2013-02-06 01Tonight I decided to check the other 2 items in the bag.  They are cotton drill jackets – one red and one a dark charcoal in an identical style.  They now are also suitable to wear so will be added back to my wardrobe as the weather cools down over the next few months.

2013-02-06 02It is just as well that I had these additions because there is going to be some more culling of the wardrobe contents before long.  There are several pairs of 3/4 trousers which are really much too loose and now are quite unflattering.  Some of my skirts are also rather loose.

I am trying to think carefully about what new items I might buy and make sure that they fit with the existing pieces in my wardrobe.  We will be in Melbourne this weekend so I am hoping to find some trousers that will be suitable for winter here.  I will also look out for anything else that is on my wanted list.

2 thoughts on “Project 333 – A Perfect Fit

  1. Well done on the weight loss. Just a suggestion regarding your skirts, could you put darts in them to make them fit, that way you won’t need to buy new clothes, especially if you like what you already have.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Sami. They are quite detailed and fitted skirts which already have panels and darts so it would not be an easy fix. However, 2 of them are ones that I particularly like so I am planning on taking them apart and completely re-making them. That will be a topic worthy of its own post so keep an eye out for some news on the skirt refashioning.

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