A Parcel

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Have you been waiting for another blog post?

I have been waiting for a parcel and today there was a card in the mailbox advising that it was ready to be collected from the Post Office.

Here is the box.


And the contents.


A new bag.  I am not a great fan of online shopping and I debated long and hard before ordering this bag.

I had a clear idea of what I was looking for but finding it proved to be a challenge.  I was not prepared to spend $300USD and then add freight on top of the purchase price.  I eventually found this online shop which is based in Adelaide.  I was able to ring the shop and speak directly to the staff who were able to answer my questions.


I needed a wheeled bag to transport my laptop and assorted files for work along with my lunch and umbrella etc.  but wanted something a bit more stylish than a plain small suitcase.  This Florence Broadhurst bag fits the bill perfectly and also meets cabin baggage size requirements and so will be a great weekend bag or hand luggage when travelling.

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