My posts have been a bit few and far between over the last couple of months as I am fully occupied with offline activities. I had fully intended getting things back on track with the blog in the past week but my world was turned upside-down when I received the news that a friend had passed away last Monday after a short illness.

I first ‘met’ Mimi online about 15 years ago and then in real life about five years ago. A truly wonderful woman who could simply light up the conversation with her presence. Mimi’s loves and interests were many and varied but it was was our shared love of frugal yet fancy cookery that drew us together,

Here are links to two recipes which began in her kitchen and have been firm favourites in our household for several years.

Refried beans

Balsamic syrup (I apologise for the lack of photos in this post.)

And finally, a link to her blog if you would like to discover a bit more for yourself. There is a wealth of grace, knowledge, love and inspiration here.

Rest in peace, dear one.

6 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. OMG, I also “met” her online and then followed her for some years. What sad news, she certainly was so sharing and giving with her ideas and recipes.

  2. So glad you posted. I tried to send you a text message the other day to see how you were but got a not able to deliver message. Been a hard week. Mimi and I had been trying to catch up for the past couple of months – both had family commitments that got in the way. She was a beautiful person inside and out.

  3. So sad to lose her – she was an inspiration to many and it was in total shock that I read of the loss of such a vibrant inspiring woman.

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