An Introduction & Dog Food Delivery



I know it is nothing like any of your suggestions, nor is it remotely linked to any of the ideas that I put forward but my husband is satisfied with the title so that is what matters.

So, The Duke is no more and GMan has joined the cast at Organised Castle.

2015-03-19 01We are not huge fans of online shopping but there are some instances where it is definitely worthwhile and pet food and supplies are one of them.  This tends to be GMan’s domain and he orders tick and flea medication for the dog online.  A few months ago he discovered that we could buy the dog food we usually purchase and it was cheaper to buy online and have it delivered than we where we had previously bought it.  We buy 2 x 15kg sacks at a time and they are delivered to the door within a couple of days of placing the order.  We no longer have a 70km round trip to buy it and don’t have to hoist 30kg of dog food into and out of the boot of the car.  This is definitely quicker, easier and less expensive so we will definitely continue to buy it online.

2015-03-19 02

Do you shop online?  What do you buy?