Project 333 – What to Choose

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Despite my assurances at the end of yesterday’s post, I am still not much further advanced in my quest to choose 33 items for the April – June quarter of the Project 333 challenge.  It is proving to be quite a challenge as the days here have still been over 30C yet I know that by the end of the 3 months it will be cold (as much as it can be in our very temperate climate.  I also know that will probably have to go to Sydney for work in sometime in the next month and I will need some warmer clothes there.

Anyway, 7 days have passed and I have 84 to go.  So, what have I worn so far?


Black cropped
White 3/4




Black/grey check


Red fitted tee
Black camisole


Blue/white stripe


Red/black/white floral


Pewter flats
Red flats


Leopard print scarf
White pearl earrings
Black pearl earrings

As Courtney Carver discusses on her blog Be More With Less there are no hard and fast ‘rules’.  I think I may end up excluding shoes and accessories from the count but will keep them in for the moment.  It really should not be too difficult to keep to 33 pieces as the total count of all of my items of clothing is 76 pieces.  This excludes underwear and sleepwear but does include parka, coat, spray jacket and formal attire as well as all of my winter and summer clothes.

Tomorrow I will add a black skirt and a striped shirt to the list as this is what I will be wearing to work.  That will bring the total items of clothing to 10.

Both the skirt and shirt are versatile and can be worn in a variety of combinations with the other things on the list as well as some I have yet to choose.

Other items that I am pretty sure will make the cut include:

Black trousers
Denim jeans
Green jeans
Red/white striped 3/4  sleeve fitted tee
Red casual vest
Red ‘denim style’ jacket
Black dress
Black white print jacket
Black knit sweater

No prizes for seeing a red/black/white theme emerging here!