Family Comes First


My complete lack of blogging for about a week has probably left some of you wondering if I am OK.  I am absolutely fine but have busy with other facets of my life.

Last weekend my mother spent the weekend with us.  Whilst this is not unusual, we had a weekend full of activity although it was limited somewhat by the heavy rain (190mm or almost 8 inches) on Friday and Saturday.  We managed to dodge the worst of the rain when we went to the local Agricultural Show.  There was dairy cattle judging to see, poultry breeds to check out, gorgeous alpacas and one of my favourites – the wood-chopping events.  We spent a lot of time viewing the various fine arts and crafts and also the produce section.

The washing doesn’t end just because it rains for a few days but it does become a more challenging task.  Hanging it on an airer in front of the fire meant that I just put a few things in the dryers for a short time to finish them off.

I cooked and prepared food for meals on the weekend and also for future meals and snacks.  Cooking from scratch really does give you an appreciation for the food you eat when you know the time and effort that has gone into the preparation.  I made pastry (and a steak and kidney bean pie), Lemon Delicious, pasta (to freeze) , orange and poppyseed muffins and pumpkin scones.  The Duke squeezed a bucketful of oranges from the tree and made bread.

There was plenty of time for relaxation, too.  We played several games of Scrabble and learned lots of new words in the process.

Then it was back to work on Monday and for the last couple of days I have been staying with Belle and help to look after Miss O and Izz before and after daycare while Belle has done some extra work.

I will be home tomorrow and get back into blogging in earnest.  Thank you for staying around – there will be some interesting posts and photos coming up.

What has your week been like?

4 thoughts on “Family Comes First

  1. We spent the week-end with family in the Blue Mountains. We took the caravan so we can be independent. Camping was free on SIL’s block and we cook all our own food. We did spend some money taking Grandies to a wonderful cafe called Common Ground and they polished up Nachos, smoothies and we had coffee. It is nice to have the Grandies at an age where we can sit and chat in a relaxed but bit formal atmosphere.
    The weather was absolutely freezing and the first day was sleeting and wind didn’t stop. Thought the van might tip over. We were snug in the van with our little heater though. One of the Grandies turned 13 and thinks she is very smart because she can now go on FB. Not sure if that is a good idea but you can’t stop progress I guess. She is the smallest child in the entire High School but her size doesn’t bother her. She was School Captain in the Primary School.
    Yes, family must come first.

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