Shuffling the Deckchairs


When I was dusting and cleaning in the living room I realised that although we have six chairs in our dining suite only two of them are used regularly.  In fact there are four at the table.

The table extends to an oval and then seats six people when required.

2012-11-25 02

One of the extra chairs is used in my sewing room.

2012-03-20 02

The other is in the corner of the dining area.

I have decided that in order to keep them all in good condition I will rotate the chairs at intervals of six months.  This will ensure that there is not one in the corner which consistently exposed to the sun and also that the same two do not get constant wear and tear whereas the others are rarely used.

Do you have things that you rotate so that they all wear evenly?

I also rotate the bedsheets (3 sets), bath towels (4 sets) and teatowels.  I always take from the top of the pile and replace the freshly washed ones on the bottom.