Multitasking – Friend or Foe?


As our lives just seem to keep getting more pressured we often resort to multitasking in both our personal and professional lives.  There are several reports now that seriously question of effectiveness of such behaviour.  I read recently that there were recommendations that we close our email when we are in the office and only check it twice per day.  How often are you derailed from a task by an email that pops up in your inbox?

The other day I had an afternoon with no particular things to do.  I thought of doing the ironing and contemplated taking it into the lounge and watching a DVD series.  I decided against this and opted to recline on the lounge and immerse myself completely and utterly in the mini-series, “All The Rivers Run”.  I was transported back to the early days of river transport on the Murray River.  I enjoyed the DVD at a level which simply would not have been possible if I was ironing at the same time.

2012-01-21 01Later in the afternoon I did the ironing .  I spent a little over an hour on it and completely finished a basketful of ironing.  I was able to do it quickly and efficiently by concentrating on the ironing.

2012-01-21 02I am going to consider other instances where multitasking is not really beneficial.  What do you think?