Planning – A Haircut


I had my hair cut yesterday.  Now that does not sound terribly exciting but I planned it carefully.  You see, it is 15 weeks tomorrow evening until we fly to the UK for 6 weeks and since I regularly have my hair cut about every 7 weeks it was important for me to have it done just before we go.

We also have a milestone birthday celebration for The Duke 6 days before we leave so I want my hair to be freshly cut for that event.

When I went to the hairdresser I discussed all of this and with the aid of a calendar we worked out the appropriate dates.  I will have 2 more haircuts before we leave – 12th June and again on 31st July.  I will look a bit like a shaggy dog when we arrive back in the third week of September so another haircut will be on the agenda as soon as possible after we return.

The other thing we did this week was more directly related to our upcoming trip.  We had new passport photos taken and sent off the forms for the renewal of our passports.