Get Me Out of Here!


I now know why I live where I live and do not trawl the shopping malls for ‘entertainment’.

This morning we dropped some things off to Missy and then headed off to Paddington Hardware and found these handles.

We had to order some more of the larger ones as they only had 2 in stock.

This is the project for which we need the handles.

Here are the small jewellery drawers that go on top and the supports for the mirror.

The Duke has started stripping the brown paint off the drawers so you can see the silky oak timber.  Here is the mirror.

The Duke then mowed Belle’s yard and our final stop was Westfield Chermside, a large shopping mall not far from Belle’s place.

I am not keen on shopping malls but I had a specific plan.  I wanted to go to the Early Learning Centre to buy a wooden puzzle as part of Izz’s birthday gift.  We could not find a park so The Duke dropped me off and I thought I would just quickly duck in and get what I needed.

As I got to the bottom of the travelator I turned into the main mall and was confronted by wall to wall people.  It looked like the week before Christmas.  According to the media there is a downturn in consumer spending, so were all these people window-shopping?

I battled the crowds and eventually reached my destination.  It is no longer called the Early Learning Centre but Kids Central and there is nowhere near the selection of toys and games available that there were previously.  I found this puzzle which was $15.  Unfortunately, like almost everything else these days, it was made in China.

I have heard various retailers whinging about the rise of online shopping and how it is eating into sales and profits in traditional retail outlets.  Other perceived issues include opening hours and the value of A$.  I don’t know about other people but the crowds and inconvenience would drive me straight to online shopping.

My experience this morning reminded me that I would be better off searching the internet or trying to find wooden toy craftsmen in the local area.

If you are interested in the issue of ever-increasing consumption and consumerism and have not read Affluenza it is definitely worth a read.  It will open your eyes.

I am very pleased to be home again, in the relative peace and quiet of our rural acreage.  I just sighed with relief that we made it out of the mayhem.