A Sleepover & Singapore


We have a guest who is having a sleepover tonight.

2015-01-06 01Psycho Dog is on the left and Cousin P on the right.  Cousin P belongs to my sister who lives about 20 minutes drive away.  It is great that we can share the dog-sitting when either of us go on holidays or simply will be away overnight.  The dogs get on well together and seem to enjoy the company, although they are usually both exhausted once the other goes home.

The other news of the moment is that we have booked our flights to Singapore for a holiday later in the year.  No other details have been arranged although I will look for some suitable accommodation before too long.  Unlike our other overseas trips we will not be touring.  We will spend a week in Singapore, hopefully close to the centre of town.  There will be no changes of accommodation and we will simply use public transport to make our way around.