Perfect or Edited


I read this post by Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial this morning and it certainly made me think.

Do bloggers tell the truth?  Are we presenting the equivalent of a glossy magazine while the reality is quite different?  Is it lying or simply omission?

What I write here on my blog every (almost) day is exactly what is going on.  I take the photos, pretty average ones sometimes and write the text pretty much as it tumbles out of my head.  Some days the editing is very poor.

Autumn sunshine
I post about things that interest me and that I hope will be of interest to my readers.  Occasionally I post something that is totally self-indulgent.

My blog is just that – a blog and it is mine.  It is not my life so you do not get every minute detail of what is going on – it would end up looking like some people’s Facebook pages (and I don’t read them either).  The fact that it is mine means that I get to pick and choose what I write about and what I leave out.

Have a great weekend and I will be back on Sunday evening with a round-up for the month of slow living for June.