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2011-07-18 01To this

002I am really pleased with how this turned out.  We trusted the skill and judgement of Hans at Montville Joinery and would highly recommend him if you live in the area.

Bringing this piece of furniture into the house has led to some further re-arranging of furniture to best meet our needs and there will be more about that in a later post.

One Last Look

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It is over 3 years since I wrote this post about my intentions to have a cabinet restored.  The wheels move very slowly here but I finally took it to a local craftsman a few weeks ago.

These are a couple of ‘before’ photos.

Silky oak cabinet2011-07-18 01

I am very excited to report that it is all done and we are going to collect our ‘new’ TV cabinet on Sunday so you will see the photos on Sunday evening, I hope.