A Quick Fix – Utensil Drawer

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Today I have been working on sorting out my email address book and making sure all of the details for my contacts are current and also that they match my hard copy address book which sits on the bookshelf.  This is an arduous process and I have also linked it to other jobs such as cleaning out the business card folder.

2012-01-28 01This is necessary and even admirable but sometimes you need a job which is small on effort but big on results to give you a boost.  This morning I did that by cleaning out the utensil drawer in the kitchen.  It was a spur of the minute decision as I was putting the clean dishes away.  I noticed that there were crumbs everywhere and it looked rather grotty so I took everything out and wiped the drawer out thoroughly.

In true minimalist fashion everything really had to earn a place to go back in.  This drawer has been seriously decluttered before so there was not much to go – just a corkscrew and multipurpose bottle opener.  Many would say I still have too much but it suits me at the moment.

2012-01-28 02Here is the finished project which gave me the incentive to go on with my other jobs today.