Project 333 – Plains & Prints

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Today I had a blinding flash regarding the items in my wardrobe.

2012-05-14 02I have plain shorts (black, white and khaki) and plain trousers (black, white and jeans).  I can wear patterned tops with these (striped, floral prints etc).

2012-07-02 09My skirts are patterned (striped, floral, spotted) and I have plain coloured tops to wear with them.

2012-06-11 05But………..never the twain shall meet, so I am limited in the selection of mix and match outfits that I can create.

2012-07-02 03I can, and do wear a plain coloured top with plain shorts or trousers but there is no way I would ever mix 2 different patterns.  So I have come to the conclusion, that although at least some of the patterned tops will remain to be worn with the trousers or shorts, I will work towards having more plain coloured tops that can be used in a greater number of ways.

How have you identified ways to streamline the clothes in your wardrobe?