Frugal for a Reason

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Keeping a lid on the spending can sometimes be difficult without a specific, short-term goal.  Things like paying more off the mortgage, whilst admirable, tend to be somewhat nebulous.  However, we are heading off on holidays at the end off April for 2 weeks and we will be spending a few days in the Flinders Ranges and have the opportunity to take a flight over Lake Eyre while it is in flood.  This is a relatively rare occurrence and we are keen to do it so we are trying hard to save our pennies.

Things we are doing include taking our lunches to work each day, buying only the groceries we need, thinking about the fuel usage and trying to minimise trips by combining activities as well as numerous other things.  Some are quite simple like the load of washing I have just put on.  I am doing most of the washing in the evenings as since we have the solar panels and a net feed-in tariff we aim to minimise our power usage during the day so that we can feed the maximum amount of power to the grid and draw it back at night as needed.  This results in a financial benefit as it is about 30c/kWh difference between the payment for power fed to the grid as opposed to that used from the grid.  Growing some of our own food (bok choy, lettuce and basil are being harvested at the moment) and not wasting any food are other important ways to save.

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