Another Little Thing


As I mentioned yesterday it can be the little things that make a difference.  Sometimes we all get so caught up in the need to declutter things and organise our ‘stuff’ that we lose sight of why we are doing this.  A perfect example is this little plastic box.

2011-03-21 01

It is a tablet dispenser for morning and evening medications for 7 days.  People generally think of these as being for the elderly, however, I would not be without it.  Obviously, if you have children around it would need to be securely stored as it is definitely NOT childproof.  I refill it on the weekend and it means that during the week I can see at glance whether or not I have taken my tablets for that particular morning or evening.  It is also a great timesaver instead of having to open these bottles and foil sheets twice every day.

2011-03-21 02

2 thoughts on “Another Little Thing

  1. I like it! I would not have thought to use one for myself, but taking 3 lots of meds and 3 vitamins every day, it makes sense. In my own decluttering yesterday I was about to throw out a pill container from the vet until I realised what a good place it would be for keeping sewing needles in. It has a solid plastic lid with a small hole in the top, perfect for sliding needles out of. One of those re-use things that would normally become refuse!

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