The Paper Pile

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I seem to be fighting a losing battle despite my best efforts to minimise the amount of clutter, especially paper, that makes its way into our home.

I started by cleaning out my purse and handbag while making my way home from work on the train.  I sorted the recycling and rubbish into 2 piles to dispose of when I got home.  One thing led to another and after dinner I continued on my mission by sorting out the interminable piles of stuff that had appeared in the corner of my bedroom.  It was not all paper but most was and it is now all filed, shredded or recycled.  I have a pile of jobs to do tomorrow including going to Medicare, having a blood test, and making phone calls.  I have also cleared the desk of the loose papers as well as some that were on the kitchen bench.

While I was in the study I even managed to find a couple of things that are no longer required and have added them to the bag of goodies destined for the op shop.

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