Tale of Two Bowls


Did you see the photo of the bowl of rosellas in yesterday’s post?  This is the larger of 2 mixing bowls which I have inherited from my maternal grandmother.  Although I have an assortment of other bowls – glass, ceramic, plastic and metal – none are quite as good as these.  What makes them special?  Is it the weight, the sense of history, the intrinsic link to my grandmother and her kitchen?  I don’t know.

While you are unlikely to ever find me creaming butter and sugar by hand there is a certain pleasure in tucking this bowl on my hip and thoroughly combining the ingredients for a batch of muffins with a wooden spoon.

I have a wonderful Kitchen Aid stand mixer and a Kenwood food processor and they are fantastically useful but I can never imagine myself loving them like I love my mixing bowls.  It is also gratifying to know that I can still create a wonderful array of wholesome food with nothing more sophisticated than a bowl and a wooden spoon.

Apart from the muffins, I also make zucchini quiche, banana cake, muesli slice, tuna patties and tuna roll using nothing more than my bowl and a wooden spoon.  I am sure there are others that I cannot think of at the moment.  What are yours?

2 thoughts on “Tale of Two Bowls

  1. Fairy, I love the bowl and spoon method. I make muffins, tuna pie, quiches, pastry, scones, muesli bars, cakes, all without the aid of a mixer. By the way I have a recipe for green tomato bread, similar to zucchini bread if you want it. Although I doubt you get many green tomatoes living where you do.

  2. Well I have to show my ignorance and thought when reading about the rosellas in the bowls that you were feeding the local wildlife!! Rosellas are new to me as a fruit so I had better go and do some research!

    Like Pat, I also use the bowl and spoon method for most of the items I make. Or for smaller quantities, I use my large 2L pyrex jug as a mixing bowl and it is great to have the handle to hold on to!

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