A Long List

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Most of our visitors have left and my Mum leaves tomorrow so I am busily planning for our trip – we leave on Thursday.  The key is lists so that I do not forget anything (hopefully).  Not only a list of what to take but lists of things to do before we go, emails to send, people to contact etc, etc.

None of the lists are written down yet but that will be my task for tomorrow morning.  I have a general plan in my head and it will be full speed ahead tomorrow.

Some of the things that will go on the list of what to take include:

Camp stove

Gas bottle

Frying pan


Jaffle iron

Picnic set




Laptop + charger

Mobile phone + charger

Camera + charger






Basic groceries

This is just random and will be expanded but any suggestions/reminders are welcome.  We are not camping but intend to self-cater and are keen to make our own lunches rather than buying.

One thought on “A Long List

  1. Good luck with your list making.
    They seem to be all I write at the moment lol.
    I even have lists of the lists I’ve written, it just makes it easier for me to stay organised and not forget things.

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