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My plan for this weekend was to buy seedlings for our winter vegie garden.  So, we were up early and off to the Yandina Markets.  We are spoiled for choice of markets on both days of the weekends.  While it is a little further to travel to Yandina than some of the others, it is definitely worth the trip for vegetable seedlings.  I dream of being able to grow all of my produce from seed but for the moment it is far more practical to let someonelse do the seed raising.

2011-05-28 01

We also bought some local pineapples, bananas and zucchini as well as some beans.

2011-05-28 02

Then we headed for home with a slight detour to Caloundra.  First stop was K-Mart to get the makings of another batch of home brew, followed by Aldi to get a few things and finally Bunnings.  We bought a large bag of potting mix, some seed raising mix, 2 more hanging baskets for the verandah and a tin of paint stripper.  The paint stripper will be used by The Duke when he starts restoring the silky oak dressing table that we bought a couple of months ago.

We spent the rest of the day in the garden and we now have our winter vegetable gardens all planted up with what will hopefully be a great harvest over the coming months.

2011-05-28 03

First things to plant were baby spinach, bok choy and cabbages.

2011-05-28 04

Then broccoli, cauliflower and beetroot.

2011-05-28 05

A trellis for the beans and snow peas.

2011-05-28 06

Finally, the celery and onions.

2011-05-28 07

Since we do not have the vegetable garden area fenced we have a variety of fencing/covering methods to exclude the chickens from the very tempting new seedlings and mulch.  Fencing is on the ‘To Do’ list.  One day…………it will happen.

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