E is for Exercise

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A couple of weeks ago I posted the acronym ‘COFFEES’ to describe facets of my life which I would blog about.  One of the E’s was for exercise, however, that has been sadly neglected for quite some time.

I have recently had the prod to make me get back to doing what will hopefully be regular exercise.  Firstly, I discovered Frugal Queen’s blog Frugal in Cornwall in which she writes of all things frugal, including her decision to eat well and exercise on a shoestring.

If this was not enough to inspire me, my employer (a large global business) is running a pedometer challenge for the whole of June and I got roped into a team.  There are 4 per team and I could not let the rest of the team down so today I was out pounding the footpaths in my lunchbreak.

After a slow start yesterday of only 4,500 steps today has been better with a total of 11,050 steps.  I do not know that I can keep that up every day but I do know that wearing the pedometer and being in a team certainly provide some focus.

I will update my progress from time to time throughout June and hopefully beyond.

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